Most escape rooms offer plots and usually have a short introduction to establish how the player got there, and sometimes an outro when the game is finished. Rooms are played from a first person perspective, where the player usually needs to find clues and objects to interact with them. The rooms usually have multiple stages that are needed to be cleared in order to continue with the plot.

The adventures are usually indoor, However, there are exceptions that would lead players to outdoor adventures. Sessions usually last 60 minutes and can reach up to 120 minutes.

The minimum amount of players is usually 2 and can go up to 8 (Although, there are exceptions that can lead to a higher amount of players). Some escape rooms will team you up with other random players in order to fill the required amount of players needed.

Escape rooms usually have a minimalistic interface, an ambient soundtrack, and sometimes actors acting as plot characters. These elements are used to enhance the escaper’s sense of isolation.


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